Giving a fresh coat of paint to a home’s exterior or interior can enhance its appearance greatly. The question is how much will the home painter charge to paint your house. When most people contact paint services the first thing they want to know is how much they charge per hour. Often times they are delighted on how low the hourly rate of one painter is and shocked on high another is. It is a big mistake to choose a painter based on their hourly rate.

Before going out to source quotes from painting companies, you need to get the following details:

1. The size and number of rooms that need painting.

2. Ceiling height.

3. The condition of the surfaces to be painted.

4. The number of windows and doors to be painted.

5. Any extra conditions like special treatments or multiple colors.

6. The type of material to be painted.

7. The terrain the painter will be working on.

8. Whether the fascias needs to be painted.

9. Whether it is a single or two storey house.

10. Your budget.

By having all this details you will be better placed to brief the painter on the project, this will ensure the painter gives you an accurate quote. While the estimation of the painting costs is best done by a professional painter you need to consider this rough estimates;

Painting the exterior of a timber house costs between $12 and $25 per metre square, the cost increases to $17 and $ 30 per Metre square if the timber is in a poor condition.

A brick home costs less, about $12 to $15 per metre square.The cost of painting the interior ranges from $12 to $25 per metre square. According to Archicenter painting a basic room costs up to $830. The cost of painting a room in a Victorian style home ranges from $1800 and $2300.

Costs can also vary depending on what your location is, painting in Sydney may cost more than painting in Brisbane for example.

How much painters charge per hour.

Some painters advertise low rates in order to attract work. Others focus their advertising on the quality of their work instead of hourly rates. This is because they calculate their rates based on the demands of the job and the paints and supplies needed. They also have to include set-up, clean up and travel expenses in their calculations.

If your looking to get a commercial painting job done you need to ask a whole other set of questions, you will be particularly concerned with the operations of your business and the hours in which they will be painting and how that will affect your business.

Each job is unique, one job a painter may need to use one type of paint for the walls, and yet another for architraves. Another job may require just a fresh paint for the interior walls. The job may take a half a day but the painter is unable to find another job for the day and have to increase your charges in order to get a fair wage for the day.

Based on industry sources, a painter who charges $35 or $40 an hour makes less than what an employee is likely to make in a day; If you are looking for a good deal you have to look more closely before you settle for the painter with low rates.

This is because;

  • The painter may work slowly in order to make a higher net profit. This may end up costing you more than the painter who charges higher hourly rates, but works efficiently.
  • The painter may be less skilled than the counterpart charging more.
  • The painter may have no established reputation for giving quality service and therefore can only compete on price.

Getting the best quote

You need to chat with a painter to find out how much the project will to cost and then compare the quotes. Ensure that you understand what the quotes include. Through this you can decide which painter to hire for your project.

So whether you are looking to do your painting job yourself for get some painting services to quote it up for you, make sure you take all of this into account.